Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Automatic for the People

After a pretty good start last week, things got a bit muddled this week and I was very disappointed that John was getting all emo again (I really hoped that that butch hair cut would help with that) and I hate all the rebellious teenager crap.

I know the series is more about mom Sarah than John... but her life is all about John and the man that he is supposed to become. Her tough soldier formula is becoming a big challenge for him ( and yes, I can understand about wanting a life and having some normal time) but it will hopefully be time for him to man up and stop being so emo about the whole thing. No one likes a so called hero that whines continually.

I am not sure what they are trying to do with his new friend/girlfriend Riley. She seems a bit off... and the whole thing with him bringing her home and her avoiding some questions (like about family) and then creating the robot out of Lego "to watch over him while he sleeps" was pretty disturbing. I am thinking that this is another Terminator or some other connection from the future, there is just something that doesn't quite add up with this new girl. She also seems to be a hell of lot more developed and mature than John and the physical differences are a bit humorous. I am not sure is this some kind of a red herring or just a bunch of coincidences? If new girl is a Terminator why did she not kill John the first chance she had or is there more that than to this story? It does have some of my attention.

Cameron seems to be off still, and her fight with the bad Terminator was just silly. Lots of head banging and bouncing the bad guy off of walls doesn't make things that interesting, especially when there is some major nuclear meltdown happening and time is of the essence. Not only are her verbal and social skills impaired and seem worse than ever and I wonder if it's a sign of current or future malfunctions. None of the gang seems to trust her anymore and hopefully that will be turned around soon. The time paradoxes are building steam and something has to blow soon.

I didn't quite understand our new friend from the Resistance that arrived in a time bubble all hot, naked (was that the guy that played Titus's brother??) and injured. He seemed to be in a big hurry to give out some information about the Nuclear reactor before dying and his messages written in blood discovered at the end of the episode will probably give some impetus to upcoming events. I wasn't surprised to see new T1000 Marilyn Manson show up at the end and make the big announcement about the new tech that is there to save the day and prevent further mishaps. It looks like some things are changing in the future. Things might get very interesting over the next while if the storyline doesn't fall into teen angst territory. There will be no hope for the future unless John starts showing that he has a pair.... and gets his act together.