Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency - More Manufactured Drama

The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency is not only the place for that weekly serving of crazy, but it is well noted for it's eye candy as well ... and last night was no different with the auditions, the fun Nicolita swim wear shoot and the way hilarious cross dressing contest. You just never know what direction this show is going to take you in.

Kehoe was being the typical dick wad that all know and love... he's a bad boy (and knows it) and after the big announcement that Maurice (for his macho factor) and Crystal (super model) would be moving into the Model House played his homeless and sleeping in his car card.

I seem to remember that card being played last season by another model .. but some things happen in threes I have heard....

Janice feels bad for her baby -- (at least Kehoe has brought in a fair amount of work) but when we last saw him he was in gay roomie mode with Grant (last season) and it appears that things have changed. There is going to be all different kinds of drama happening at the house with Kehoe. Before and after each commercial break there are always a ton of previews and that whole "coming up on" bit that are like a plague in this show. If you took all of that out, we would have maybe a half hour show but as I have said before... if it wasn't for all the hot boys and girls I would not be interested.

Speaking of the hot boys .... it doesn't look like the Über hot Dominic is lacking work ... seems like every time he goes for an audition he is chosen and loved him in those Kentucky Jeans. I am surprised how quickly some of the new models are getting work and Chandler is turning into the big find this season. The guy has amazing eyes (dreamy), hot bod and is butting heads with Kehoe like crazy. Polina is this hot Russian model with huge fake breasts and an amazing hourglass shape. Unfortunately the more successful she is getting means the more that Janice will want to spend time with her.... and get ready for more of the accent parodies. Just another thing to love about the boss.

Cute (and yes I mean the deaf one) model Martin gets a gig (great stuff) but I don't understand how/why he always has his translator with him... I don't really understand how it all works, but it doesn't seem to affect his work so it's an interesting change. We'll have to see how this gay model works out or if he will go all diva like JP. JP is trying to be kinder and gentler so far this season and according to all those preview is rethinking the model thing. It's a hard industry and it seems to chew up and spit out these boys like crazy.

Chandler is one hot commodity as besides a couple of contracts he is clicking well with Xion, and it looks like they will be jogging together early in the morning. Xion certainly seems motivated and it'll be fun to see how this all plays out. They will probably have more privacy than when the Great Janice is in spy mode and hiding in her observatory like some demented super villain.

Traci is always on Janice's bad side and she has been given notice to shape up or ship out. Janice likes to use anologies like she is a mother bird pushing her baby bird out of the nest. Janice comes across more like a cat toying with a mouse and leaving it maimed so the kittens can learn how to hunt and kill. There are those subtle differences between how she thinks and how it is perceived sometimes. If Traci has a chance to bolt I say go for it .... she looked great at the photo shoot and is very professional and I think the fact that she is consulting an actor coach is rubbing Janice wrong more than anything else. Heaven forbid if a model would want more and become a super model. Isn't that what Janice wants for all her models?

Janice had fun with her the House models -- having the gender switch pageant was fun (and even better when Chandler took it to a whole 'nother level) and it was great to see some fun mixed in with all that drama. I loved seeing Janice off doing her shoot for Orbit (she seemed to think it was for Maxim but I have seen the Orbit commercial and it's classic Janice).

If you missed the Nicolita shoot then you missed the girls looking fierce (Traci, Polina and the late CC) and Chandler looked astounding. CC was late due to her period (yup that's what she said) and Janice handed her a new uterus over that one. As usual the episode felt like it was jumping all over the place. They really need to do something about that editing...