Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weekend Rant - Start your engines...

This week heralds the main part of the Fall TV launch, and I can hardly wait to see a few of my favorite shows starting up this week. The Watch List will be filling up more and more each evening and this year things are well prepared at Couch Potato Central. Recent system upgrades mean that there is now a PVR for each satellite (yup, both of them) and with several different time zones there is less of a chance of missing something. This also means that a bad show will not last for long on the Watch List. There are just too many shows and simply not enough hours to watch everything, and only those shows that are truly well written and entertaining enough (an easy way to slip in those Guilty Pleasures that may be less cerebral but have their endearing qualities none the less) will be regular viewing.

The Big Bang Theory will be back on Monday, and it's the first new comedy in the past few years that I have really grabbed on to. It must be all the nerd references but I find the characters funny and charming in the oddest way, and love the smart side of their comedy. The best news is that Sarah Gilbert will be a regular character and I have loved her chemistry with Johnny Galecki since they were together on Roseanne. It's always a trip to see some actors work together again, especially when they have great chemistry together.

Heroes will also be returning this Monday for a big 2 hour event and it should be some fun viewing. I am hoping for some more Elle this season, she was truly one of the best things about last year. I am eager to see how some of the characters will survive their apparent demises. .. time will tell ( or will that be travelling in time?) the fate of some of our characters but I am pretty stoked about the whole Villains storyline coming up.

Dancing with the Stars will be back in a 3 night event, which should be lots of fun and games. ABC is really going full force with this show and staggering the opening over 3 nights is a pretty big thing... it will make for a lot of late nights this week as each night is getting pretty full and not all the shows are back yet. I am stunned that Cloris Leachman is one of the contestants, and am eager to see how some of these "Stars" will do in the first couple of rounds. The best news is that Maks is back after being off last season and he is one of my favorite dancers to watch.

So you think you can dance? Canada will be back (it appears that the big premieres of all the shows are delaying the competition part until after the rush) a the beginning of October and almost all of my regular shows will be back on. The auditions were great, and I may be jaded but the Montréal dancers were definitely the hottest ones there. The Judges were in awe with all the circus influenced movement and now I can hardly wait to see who will make it out of the second part of the auditions. The talent pool is quite bit different here than in the US.

I will check out Knight Rider, but if it is anywhere near as crappy as the TV movie then I am officially calling it this year's Bionic Woman... which most of you know is not a compliment. NBC doesn't have a great track record with remakes and I have the feeling this will be another one of them. Let's see if they can prove me wrong.

Survivor is back and this season it's in HD. I love that they are back in Africa again, and am hoping this will be better than the Kenya edition. The HD might be a mixed blessing... sure the countryside will be gorgeous but you know how skinny some of those contestants get as the game progresses not to forget about how dirty it is... this could be interesting but I could be setting myself up for a good fright ... or if I luck out some kind of delight... with this show you never know but just the thought of a gross food challenge in HD is just so wrong ... they will have to do it for sure now. It's a great study in human interaction and I love seeing how it plays out and trying to figure out the winner and who is playing the best social game.

Fringe is hanging on by a thread at this point... I will give it one more episode but there are other fish in the sea and unless I start getting more interested (the last episode just bored me to death) I don't think it will last long. Our Mad Scientist is a big yawn-fest, Boy Wonder is just as boring and our lead character Olivia just doesn't catch my interest. Our trio is referred to as the unlikely team and I think it is unlikely they will last a complete season at this point and time. The unbalanced story line in the last episode and the mention of something called The Pattern has me worried about another Rambaldi mess and I am not sure I want to add another complex story to my schedule. This means it sorry JJ Abrams, but not everything you touch is gold and this one misses the mark with me ... it may have been that there was way too much hype and it didn't live up to all those expectations, or maybe I am just not willing to invest in to something that will be long in developing when I have other well written shows that I would rather see developing further like Lost and Battlestar Galactica.