Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency - Crowded House

The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency continued it's ­­­"Model House" edition with more fun and games with the models. I am still in awe and shock each time the models open their mouths and they say that they are so happy that they are living with Janice and living and breathing modeling ... it looks like it is a tough industry and any chance is better than no chance. I think I would have to be severely medicated to handle Janice for that much time. At least the woman is clean.

Oh the drama ... Kehoe is becoming a huge pain in the ass for all the other models and it looks like Janice's over botoxed patience is wearing thin .. it's about fricking time is all I can say ... I know the guy has brought in some cash but it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch and Kehoe is rotten to the core. Something has to change.

The photo shoot for Kentucky Jeans was great, and the whole issue about Martin being deaf (yes- we know-- give it a rest) and the fact that he is still able to model even with his huge disadvantage was too much. The guy is deaf, get over it. It certainly didn't seem to affect him and he did some nice work. My favorite part had to be when Dominic slammed Kehoe on to the ground. I miss seeing Danny and Dominic around more, but at least there is Chandler. I think the change around this year to the house is making it more difficult to see some of my favorite guys and this season is still one of the worst editing jobs ever.

Like that will stop me from watching ... sigh ... the drama is still sucking me in and luckily there is enough beefcake to keep things interesting to watch ( not that the show would be interesting with no dialogue, the stuff that comes out of Janice's mouth is unbelievable most of the time and I keep hanging on wondering what nutty thing will be blurted out next). Traci is getting another load of abuse dumped on her by Janice (it must be an annual event because she seems to do this every year with Traci, who seems to be getting some decent work) and I am pretty sure that the girls who do have an eating disorder are probably doing it because of Janice. It doesn't seem like the happiest of places.

The models are treated to a house call from Janice's Dentist buddy and it looks like there will be a whole bunch of work going on for some of the models. Our Russian beauty, Polina gets a nice makeover but the biggest drama had to be when Janice decided to cut Hazuki's hair. Crystal got all weepy eyed watching it happen and it brought back all those memories of her going through a similar experience on her road to being a supermodel. The only thing that makes me happy is the fact that Crystal is not dangerously thin this year and has some meat on her bones.

I think it's time for more gym time with the boys... maybe after they take the trash out?