Tuesday, September 09, 2008

True Blood - Strange Love

I love a good vampire show (and there hasn't been one since the demise of both the Buffy and Angel TV series - sorry Moonlight), and the premiere of True Blood attracted enough of my attention and was different enough that it made vampires seem sexy again.

The character of Sookie is quite interesting. It looks like she is telepathic (kind of funny considering that Anna was in those X Men movies) and she has an interesting air about her. The south (and Louisiana in particular) seems to be a great spot for vampires (and I think a nice nod to Anne Rice and her Vampire Chronicles) and our Vampire, Bill, plays the dark and brooding type very well. The guy seems mysterious and pretty sexy. Not there wasn't any sex going on -- but I have to say that Sookie's brother Jason is one hot horny number and the whole sexualisation of vampires is just part of it. I like how vampires are suddenly mainstream and they are talking about the vamps "coming out of the coffin" and being part of society (instead of feeding on it) since synthetic blood has become available. I like how this reality reflects the reality of the gay community (and other minorities) and of course there is plenty of skepticism and hate going around. Just because they are suddenly visible doesn't make the vampires accepted, and as our bartender friend Sam says just because they have the synthetic blood doesn't mean the vamps will feed on it. Fake or real food? Hard choice to make there...

I am pretty convinced that our bartender friend is some kind of a werewolf or shape shifter of some kind as that mysterious dog that seems to show up when Sookie is in trouble. There seems to be a real protective streak in that bartender and you can tell he has the big time hots for Sookie.

It`s also interesting mythology that they have incorporated the black market sale of vampire blood (V- juice) and how it's an underground/alternative cult thing and anyone who is someone wants to have sex with a vampire as it is a big thrill ride. The first episode was graphic and enthralling and will definitely be checking out some future episodes to see how things develop.