Saturday, September 06, 2008

Weekend Rant - First Casuality of the New Season

Things started off to a pretty luke warm start with the New 90210 this past week, and with the ton of new shows coming on air over the next while my Tuesday nights are starting to get filled up with better viewing options. I think I may know why there wasn't a preview of the show before airing ... the writing is pretty crappy and the none of the characters particularly memorable other than the alcoholic Grandmother.

So bye bye 90210 -- it was a short visit, but my 2 hours with you weren't that interesting and I was never really a fan of the original series. I did want to see what they were doing with Jenny Garth and Shannon Doherty, and if that was any reflection of their original characters, then I don't think I am missing much.

For every bad thing that hits the airwaves (Bionic Woman anyone?), there is almost always something good that comes around and after enduring 2 hours of 90210, karma paid me back with a very nice 2 hour season opener of Bones. Booth and Brennan may be in London, England, but we still had great follow up to the end of last season and all the team was there. I liked the mention of Zach at the beginning, and was laughing at seeing Clark filling in the spot covered by Zack. Clark doesn't take well to all the drama going on around the Jeffersonian,and he makes a great "straight man" character to offset the other wacky ones.

The issue of Zack working with Gormogon was mentioned, and I don't believe that storyline is finished with. There are still too many unanswered questions, and seeing Sweets and the brain (and his insistence to touch it and to prod it a few times) set off more alarms with me. I am still convinced that he is involved in all of this (and might even be the new Gormogon for all we know) and I'll be keeping my eye on him. His interaction with the Squints was priceless this week and I can hardly wait to see him more in action with Booth and Brennan again. Those 3 have some very funny chemistry between them.

Brennan and Booth in London was a hoot, I loved seeing their British counterparts (nicely swapped around gender wise) and the chemistry between Brennan and Professor Ian Wexler. It looks like Booth is a little jealous about the idea of Bones hooking up with our sexy professor and it makes for some nice tension between our characters. Sexy seemed to be a key word in the season opener with Angela's husband Grayson Barasa showing up and attracting every one's attention (Cam in particular, that very lucky girl) and putting some major sexual tension into the episode.
Bones hasn't lost it's beat at all, in fact the chemistry and zingers were hitting left and right last night and even the simple things like driving (Booth is less adaptive it seems to UK rules) and the whole freak out ugly American scene was a riot. The whole British slant on everything and seeing more about the upper crust was very eye opening. The whole "The Butler did it" bit was brilliant. It was a tad overkill to have to kill off the Professor as well, but the story lines were interesting and there was some nice development with pretty much everyone except for Angela and Hodges. I am not too happy with their apparent break up (especially after the most awesome kiss and the hundreds of bells scene) and hope this is just a bump in the road on their way to matrimony. Still... it's nice to have old friends come back home and it was a great season opener.