Saturday, September 27, 2008

Reality Round Up - Whole lotta shakin' going on

Dancing with the Stars dominated last week with a huge 3 night event. Thankfully that's not the regular schedule 'cause it's a tad daunting. It's great to see Maks again (and once again he is teamed up with a big powerful woman) and I expect to see him and Misty go pretty far.

I was very surprised with Warren Sapp -- the guy has great rhythm and flow and he was great in his first couple of dances. Lance Bass is doing great, and I am already such a huge fan of his partner Lacey from So you think you can Dance and expect them to go far. They may have to tone down the Contemporary vibe a bit (for Len) but they are hot to watch.

Brooke Burke is great and better than expected. Maurice Green is pretty smooth on the floor and I was pretty sure that Susan Lucci was going to be eliminated this week but she bounced back. Susan looks pretty thin and might have been pushing herself a bit too far. I have never heard a Judge tell a contestant to eat before, so that was kind of weird.

Cody Linley is in that grey zone for me, sure he is young and cute (with huge,huge eyebrows) and all the girls are screaming but I find him a bit green. We'll have to see if Julianne will whip him into shape. Rocco DiSpirito is a sexy chef but not much of a dancer. I was expecting to see him go this week as well and was surprised when it was Ted McGinley that hit the road. Tim has been around forever and he always looks the same, and I think he fell victim to the voting public. I wasn't surprised that Jeff Ross was one of the first eliminated, he looked so out of his element.

Toni Braxton is a bit too drama queen for my taste and I don't understand all the health issues but she looks great. Once she relaxes she has a good shot of going far. Kim Kardashian may have the bod but she doesn't know how to use it . I think that Hedda Lettuce said it best with her big hit " She can't sing., she can't dance. Why's she famous?" and it just reinforces the fact that Kim may have a huge ass and a sex tape but that doesn't make her a performer. Poor Mark, I don't think he will make it to the big Finale this year. His dad Corky (Seriously?) has his hands full with Cloris Leachman. First of all, the apple doesn't fall from the tree when it comes to Mark and Corky. The similarities are astounding and it's kind strange to see Mark and how he will look in a couple of decades. All that aside, Cloris is pure entertainment but she isn't a great dancer. She has had me in tears watching her cosy up to the Judges and trying to bribe them.

She's probably the best reminder of why I love this show, it's just fun and entertaining and light. That is definitely a good thing.

Of course for everything fun going on there has to be that bastard cousin that irks the hell out of you and you still can't get enough. Yes I am talking about you Project Runway, and I am glad this season is wrapping up. Once again this week, there wasn't anything that I really liked being produced this episode. Sure it was a cute challenger, create an outfit for another designer inspired by a musical style, but the final result and guest Judge LL Cool J had me doing another WTF moment. I didn't really see the rapport with having our guest Judge except to mention his upcoming collection, and Kenley was such an irritating shrill that I was almost wishing that she had gone home instead of Suede.I have been wanting Suede gone for weeks (enough with the 3rd person crap) and when it was him aufed this week I felt that it should have been Kenley with the crap she produced. Any designer who has no respect for Tim Gunn doing his rounds needs a good reality check as well, you do not bite the hand that feeds you or you will regret it.

Top Design couldn't live with Shazia's design this week and I was glad she got booted. Bad attitude and poor work ethic don't make a good designer.

I am still finding that too many of the Challenges are a group effort and I want to see more of the individual challenges to see the designers do their own thing and not a compromise. I did love the little meltdown moment with Eddie at the store (how very Martha Stewart, well done grasshopper) and Jeff Lewis was the perfect bitchy guest Judge. His "I thought this show was Top Design and not over the top Design" comment was perfect Jeff. I love how the contestants are starting to fear Margaret Russell and I hope that Kelly Wearstler being back next week will add that extra touch that it seems to be missing when she is not there.

Survivor Gabon started it's first season in HD this week and I am in awe. The show is even better than before and I love the cast this year. I was initially worried that there wasn't going to be a gay contestant, but those fears were quickly cast aside with the introduction of Charlie from NY. Yup, pretty gay and I think his crush on fellow contestant Marcus is very cute. Their team, Kota is going well so far and kicking the collective butt of their opponents Fang. Their location is stunning, it must be a huge trip having the elephants and hippos around (not to mention all the other wildlife) and I was in for more surprise when Ace got most of his Kota team to do some yoga. The contrast of having a centered and happy tribe and the leaderless and losing Fang tribe is astounding, and when they shake things up in a few rounds it will make for some interesting viewing. In the season opener there were 2 Tribal Councils and the first one Eliminated is Michelle from Kota (bad move, she may have been quiet but she was one of the strongest women on that team and physical strength is important at the beginning), and then later Gillian from Kota is the second. Gillian may have been great at moral, but she wasn't physically that strong and seemed to irritate some of her tribe mates.

I am loving it so far and can hardly wait until the next episode.

Tabatha's Salon Takeover impresses me each week as she is given the impossible task of trying to bring order to chaos. Her methods may be too blunt and direct for most of us, but if you can take that part of her with a grain of salt ( I am just full of these old metaphors today, look em up on wikipedia if you don't understand them) and get past all of that she is very brilliant, talented and witty.

Each episode there is the part where she teaches and shows how she works with her clients, and I can see why there is a 3 month waiting list and I can't imagine having a bad hair cut experience with her. Very talented and caring for her clients, and very demanding as a boss and teacher. Just look professional or she will call you some red neck hillbilly.

Speaking of such things.. Outsider's Inn is still one of my Friday night Guilty Pleasures and it is just so ridiculous and fun. The story line this week with Bobby going off to Detroit and taking good old boy Leroy with him was culture shock all over again. The whole thing about our other good old boys and the girls getting into trouble was so badly scripted that you could almost think it's a reality show.

I am still so convinced that none of these stars know each other and the small conversation between Maureen and Carnie about going shopping was pretty much the big confirmation of all that. The girls really don't know each other but I like the ridiculous circumstances and county sensibilities.

I don't think Maureen will ever get over the Marsha Brady thing and her biker chick blow out this week was too ridiculous. It was almost like Marsha all over again and I could only roll my eyes with Carnie on that one. I don't know where they are exactly .. but those prison uniforms are pretty scary and cartoon like all at the same time.

I get a pretty heaping helping of CMT just by tuning in for this one show and if this keeps up I will not be able to resist the occasional peek at Redneck Weddings. It just looks too hokey and hillbilly to be true.

The Cho Show finished off it's first season (and hopefully not it's last) and Margaret and crew had me in hysterics.First we get to learn the horrible truth about her haunted vagina in an all too funny episode and then they tied the season up with Margaret getting her very own Day in San Francisco.
Things were so fabulous in this debut season (and I have quite the crush on John the make up artist) that it has moved on to the Top Ten List of this year (more on that later). Margaret has managed to find a great balance between her comedy and life, her family and entourage are great (her assistant Selena is to die for) and she has such a great outlook on life. Besides, have you seen those tattoos of hers? Great stuff all around.