Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency - Miami & the Big Finale

Another season done... and of course the HUGE cliffhanger ending... yawn ... if this episode hadn't had the requisite underwear modeling scene it would have been pretty close to being a complete write off.

Mind you, patience has it's virtues, and I do try to take into consideration the fact that there was a Writer's Strike and that the editing is horrendous on this show.

Besides the underwear runway, I absolutely loved the scene with Peter and Janice (and the lawyer) where Janice gets her lawyer to tell Peter that the Partnership is being dissolved, and seeing how Janice can hardly move her face. A little bit too much work and botox maybe?

Peter's comment that Janice has a little crazy woman running around in her head made me think that Janice has an insane Hamster running on it's wheel in her head and that made me laugh... the crap about whether or not Peter should sue and try to keep the company name made me snicker.... seriously Peter, have you not had enough crazy yet? Sucker for punishment?

Anyways... all is said and done and enough Janice for me for awhile.... I don't think I'll even check out Janice's other show since none of the hottie boys will be there, after all they make the show worth watching, and Janice really needs to highlight her boys more, and give her public what they want. It's all about beauty, hot bods, ridiculous storylines and a big heaping helping of crazy.

You can't get better than that.... see you next season Janice.