Friday, February 08, 2008

The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency - the Pilgrimage to the shrine of Versace

After leaving us on the edge of our seats last week with her famous " Everything you know is about to change" routine, Janice tells her models that she is taking some of them to South Beach to spread her wings and get the Agency more clients.

She also fires a model on the spot (Maria), who dared to arrive late (such a work horse that Janice) and gets all kind of information about Peter from her models. It appears that lots of them are unhappy with pay delays and the percentage they are getting and Janice says she will solve all these issues.... anyways some of the models are selected and off to Miami they go.

Besides the crappy editing that we have to endure in this show (the "coming up" and "previously on" parts really need to be cut down, but that would probably cut the show down to 30 minutes because it wouldn't be repeated all the time) we have to endure more drama with Crystal and Chris, and some pouty looks and "don't make me cry" business as Crystal jets off to Japan for a gig. She is looking even skinnier than before and her luggage weighs more than she does for the flight.

Janice has a meeting with Otto Models for a possible partnership and sets the wheels in motion to get rid of Peter (we have been hearing this all season)... and there is a big emotional scene where Janice cries. It's scary stuff....

There is a deal set up with Custo Barcelona and an impromptu meeting where CC doesn't get the message and accuses Traci of trying to manipulate things that seems overblown and over the top, but then again most things in this show are all manipulated in some way. There is more drama about the models not drinking at a party and working the crowd, which is kind of a repeat of the previous drama in this show. Sorin gets some bodyguard training and looks gayer than ever, but you can blame Janice for that one.

The biggest thrill of the episode was the pilgrimage to the shrine of Versace. Janice takes all her gang to pay tribute to Versace and she lays flowers on the stairs of his house. It's a huge cheesy moment and probably the biggest scene of the episode..... and it was all handled in a very supermodel way. Janice takes the models to a fancy restaurant after, where all the plates are less than 300 calories. Unfortunately this episode didn't really have any gratutious shots of the b oys so all in all it was pretty boring..... I think Janice misses the mark sometimes and really has to up the beefcake if she wants to keep us interested. Next week-- the big finale!