Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lost - The Economist

This week we learned the Sayid is one of the Oceanic Six, joining Kate, Jack and Hurley. There are still 2 unknowns in this equation and I have been trying to think of who else could be part of this gang ... and Michael and Walt keeping popping into my mind. I still have a sneaky feeling that it is Michael on that mysterious boat and that he will be part of the equation once we get to the actual boat and see who else is there. We did hear more than one name mentioned in connection with the ship (Regina and Minkowski which don't sound familiar at all), and I wonder how many other people are on that ship....

Between the flashforward and a look at what has become of Sayid in the future was a fricking amazing episode. The whole hit man/espionage angle, his notoriety as one of the Oceanic Six, his sexy/dangerous persona was all a hit out of the park by Naveen Andrews. His character as always been fascinating and he added even more depth and dimension (again) with his whole falling in love with the wrong woman routine (how very James Bond) and then getting the ultimate shock/betrayal/surprise by finding out that he is working for Ben in the future. Just seeing Ben there and still pulling the strings of those around him is the big shock of the night.

Seriously, this show is such a mindfrack, it's complicated and has tons of subtle imagery and clues (sometimes a cigar is not a cigar) and it gets my mind racing in ways that no other show can. I have TONS of questions and want to know more of how things might/will/did happen.

Faraday (and his gang) on the island blew my mind with his little science experiment involving a rocket, some timers and a freaky time shift of 31 minutes. Curiously.... this is not one of the Lost numbers (4 8 15 16 23 42) but it is a prime number as well. At this rate, my head is going to explode I think. Does this mean that the island is in a different space/time continuum and that is the reason the Faraday was so insistent that he instructed Frank to follow the exact bearings that they used to reach the island? Does time pass differently on the island? We might know soon with Sayid off in said helicopter and off to the ship...

Meanwhile, Locke has problems trying to track down Jacob's cabin, has to play alpha male and take charge and later his gang bait a trap using Hurley, capture island time Sayid and his gang and in the end exchange Miles for Charlotte. Since it has been alluded to that Miles can speak with the dead, will there be some time in with the mysterious Jacob or the lost souls that have died on the island?

There is more drama with Kate and Sawyer (and Jack) and more of the angst involved in all of that but it's the gripping drama with Sayid that is center stage this turn around and I can hardly wait until the next episode.

Rumour has it that with the strike over we will get a few more Lost episodes this season... I can hardly wait!