Sunday, February 17, 2008

Supernatural - Mystery Spot

This was another great episode with the Winchester boys. Not only is this show smart, but it's such a great balance of dark humour and action/adventure. The whole Demon Hunter angle/ bad boy vibe with our handsome brothers just make this show entertaining as hell.

Supernatural is great at taking concepts and showing their perception or interpretation. This week's Groundhog Day inspired episode had the repeating day concept.... but each day was all about Dean getting killed and then Sam waking up and starting all over again. As the episode progressed, not only did the ways that Dean was killed become more imaginative, but that sly sense of humour that Dean has peeked out more and more. You could see him revelling in torturing Sam with the repeated behaviour over and over, and I was in hysterics when they went off on a huge sequence of deaths one after another including slipping in the shower, electrocution, a falling piano, a nasty puppy, food poisoning and getting axed (literally) by a distraught Sam.

All of this revolves around what they call a Mystery Spot, one of those freaky places where "the rules of physics have no meaning". These places are usually hoaxes and have stuff like furniture nailed to the ceiling, but there is more than meets the eye here and it turns out to be the Trickster. The boys have had a run in with this character before, and with his ability to be able to control time and space (sounds pretty damn powerful to me), he has made a time loop where Dean dies every day and Sam has to deal with the loss every day.

Trickster goes all the way with Sam and kills Dean off and we get a glimpse of what a future would be like for Sam without Dean, and this Sam is a harsh, cold and mean man who lives to get his vengeance on the underworld. Trickster says it is for them to learn that they can't keep sacrificing themselves to save the other, and I am not quite sure what his intentions were with all of that. In the end, Sam wakes up once more and Dean is still alive... I am still more than confused on why all this happened but think it might be part of a bigger picture later on.
Still.. All in all... a great episode and one of my faves of the season.