Sunday, February 03, 2008

Weekend Rant - The Thursday Dilemma

It's hard to believe that even with the ongoing writer's strike (and the rumors say that there may be resolution to this soon) and the limited amount of new episodes left to play, that the viewing schedule would be so fricking congested on Thursday night. There is too much on, and with the next installment of Survivor starting this week, I have no choice but to record stuff to watch later (and that means watching shows from Thursday on the weekend with having a busy Friday schedule).

What it all means, is that it seems like everything plays on Thursday and there are other nights that are a complete wasteland. Sigh...

So-- It was great to have a new episode of Smallville called Persona, and there was finally some follow up to the cliffhanger left at the end of the previous episode with Bizarro Clark taking our original boy scout's place while he is kept prisoner in the Fortress by mean old Dad. At least the superboys are easy to keep track of, as they like to inverse their primary colors.

I am still getting real tired, real quick of the whole angst between Lana and Clark, and now the whole " Bizarro loved Lana in ways that Clark didn't" and " Lana was never as happy as she was with Bizarro" make me wish she has just left with him (instead of destroying him with the nifty Blue Kryptonite) and finishing this crap off once and for all. The best stuff was the return of Brainiac (yes, more James Marsters!), the guest appearance of yet another Superman alumni (Marc McLure aka Jimmy Olsen from the Christopher Reeve movies) as yet another Kryptonian on Earth and seeing Chloe know something is up and not to be the doormat of the episode. All this and more scene stealing by Lex, who has eliminated his cloned brother and is becoming more and more evil... the show still has enough good stuff that outways the teen angst (they are all getting a little old for all of this) and attracts enough of my attention and want more.
Supernatural returned with a great episode entitled Malleus Maleficarum, which was all about a surbuban coven of witches and some good plot development. Not only did we get more insight into the newer character of Ruby (bad yes but how bad?) and how she has fallen out of the graces of her dark lords.

I loved the whole housewives and their " Book of Shadows" (shades of Charmed!) and I was looking to see if any of the Halliwell sisters was going to show up. We spent a few minutes trying to see who the housewives resembles as far as the Halliwells go, and decided they were more like the original 3 than the later 3, and think that Shannon Doherty is way overdue to appear as a witch or demon on Supernatural.

Dean coming more to terms with why Sam has been changing was some nice resolution to the whole " Is Sam becoming evil?" routine that has been going on, and seeing Dean go ballistic on the witch/demon with Ruby's demon knife was way out there... Yikes-- do not piss these boys off. At least they kept the requisite humor ( the rabbit jokes were great, and Dean is always dependable for making some snide comment) and the new look of Ruby as more of an ally than enemy is a good move. The whole thing about a new leader rising in the west opens up more questions and I wonder how much is supposed to be resolved before the end of our abbreviated season.... will Dean make it to the end or will his fate play out later than expected?