Friday, February 01, 2008

Lost- The Beginning of the End

What an adventure last night.... Lost returned for a limited run ( 8 episodes? - let me repeat myself again, damn strike--) and sent my mind into overload with a kick ass season opener.

After ending last season with the killer flash-forward that showed Jack and Kate off the island, we join Hurley in the outside world (our time and space?) where he is on the run, and is now known as one of the Oceanic Six. It's hard to tell if this is the same future time as Jack and Kate, and it was interesting dissecting whether or not the events happening on the island are now flashbacks or current time... but the point quickly becomes moot. Time is used with such fluidity in this series it gets hard to figure out when and where things are all the time.

Hurley is one of my favorite characters and has a big part of the story. His big freak out and car chase in the beginning and then meeting Anna Lucia's former partner (and pretending not to know her) shows how there are really no coincidences in this show. Learning that Hurley has been having visions of Charlie who keeps appearing and trying to explain why he died is something that only this show can pull off. The freaky guy from Oceanic Airlines (so he said) who was offering Hurley a nice insane asylum to go rehabilitate in was so creepy... but that was not as freaky as Jacob's place appearing in the jungle and freaking Hurley out even more on the island.

Yup, bad stuff happened(s) to the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815... and we get another glimpse of part of the future (present?) before catching up where the story ended on the island in the present (past?). Yes, Charlie just died cutting off the jamming signal in the Looking Glass Station and the story is continuing on from that point. Jack is with the majority of the survivors and they are trying to contact the so called rescue ship and can finally do so because of Charlie's sacrifice. The only hitch is Locke who is not interested in leaving and throws a knife into Naomi (and believes she is not there for the right reasons nor she is who she says she is) trying to stop the communication and fails.

Our gang of survivors who are still at the beach have managed to get out of a difficult situation due to Hurley's heroism, and have just learned that Charlie has died and relayed the message that it is not Penny's boat that is out looking for them. We have no idea if these other people (not to be confused with the Others) are on their side or not, but are willing to listen with their hearts to what Charlie died to tell them.

It's all very derisive, and the survivors end up splitting into 2 groups, with some willing to hide and survive (Locke, Hurley, Sawyer, Claire and others) versus those wanting to be saved (Jack, Kate, Juliet and others) and all we know is the so called rescuers are on their way, and that in the future(s) Hurley had been locked away again, and that both he and Jack have felt in some way that they have done something wrong and need to go back and fix it.

Lost is back in all it's complex glory... and I am completely hooked again. I fear for the survivors and want to know who the rest of the Oceanic Six are... are they the only ones that got off the island? The only survivors? Why so famous? So many questions... so little episodes.