Sunday, February 10, 2008

Smallville - Siren

This has been one of those weeks that had way too many "WTF?" moments. My response?

Dear Smallville,
Please stop adapting well established DC characters and turning them into mockeries of these dearly beloved characters. Your recent portrayal of Black Canary was such a vicious slap in the face that I feel compelled to take one of the Ninja Knives (WTF?) that you gave said character and gut you like a fish.


The Couch Potato (and comic book geek)

... You may have figured out that I was most unimpressed with the recent portrayal of Black Canary (who it appears is named by Clark.... I really don't get this show sometimes) and how they were so off with her look.. the costume was not that bad but what was it with the hair and that ultra cheesy makeup job -- at least they had the decency to get her look and personality down in the Justice League Unlimited Cartoon series.

Black Canary is a strong character that relies on her martial arts skills and Sonic Cry to disable her opponents.... She doesn't usually use weapons such as knives, cross bows or guns and having her portrayed with all the knives was ridiculous. The Sonic Cry was cool, but the hair and that bad make up was just too much...

Anyways -- there was the return of Green Arrow (yippee!), Clark was a bigger douche than usual this episode, Lois got some nookie with GA/Oliver Queen, learned about his double identity and said she isn't ready for that kind of thing... yeesh... somehow they managed to take a half interesting character and still have to have an angst filled plot. I wish they would lay off the teenage soap opera routine... all this crap is ruining the stories and I have no idea why it has to be in continual Dawson's Creek mode. BORING---

Chloe got to have some fun and games helping out Ollie, I love seeing her involved and being the great sidekick. I think it's time Clark got more serious and started playing hero instead of just being a big schmuck and all whiney. Yup another episode and as much as I rant I still can't stop watching...