Sunday, February 24, 2008

Survivor: Micronesia - In the Middle

Another great episode this week, I loved the rough and tumble challenge of our gang fighting in the mud... and things got pretty physical between the 2 groups. I would have loved to have seen more of the struggle, but the big thing was that our Favorites won the Reward challenge which was a choice of 3 items out of the Survivor catalog.

Things got really tense later on when the Fans won the Immunity Challenge and all of a sudden the Favorites were scrambling and looking at who to eliminate on their team.

The whole idea that Cirie was the swing vote... and being insistent that Yau-Man was to be voted off played back and forth and you could practically see the smoke coming out of Jonathon's ears. Cirie managed to get her way, Yau-Man was voted off (crap) and the tension level has been upped a few levels back at camp. I think Cirie is pushing it (and she even made a comment that being the swing vote should incite the others to treat her like a queen and carry her around) and the pack will probably turn on her quickly. Our 2 couples seem to be doing well, and from what it sounds like the girls are playing the guys big time. I am still hoping that Ami will go far.... but it's still pretty early to see who is gaining advantage.

Oh yeah... and on the Fan's side... tensions are building more and more between Mikey B and Joel and the team is still pretty divided.... I am not seeing any of these guys going to the end if they can't get their act together soon.