Saturday, February 23, 2008

Project Runway - getting down to the finale

After the "Cliffhanger" in the last episode we had the "Reunion Special" this week and a quick look back over this past season. As usual there were some designers that came and went so quickly you don't remember them (barely) or they seem so bitter you are glad they are gone.

I am still not sold on the whole competition between Rami and Chris for the last spot at Fashion week, and the consensus seems to be that Rami will be winning the showdown and showing his collection... while I would love to see Chris show his collection and win the grand prize.

Christian seems to be favored to win (and as shown above won the Fan Favorite award, and I was disappointed that my fave Elisa didn't win) but it isn't always the favorite designer that wins.... it's all relative to the collection, the actual show and the judges. Anyways we won't know for 2 weeks as the next episode is all about deciding which designer joins Jillian and Christian. I have heard some interesting rumors about Victoria Beckham being the guest judge at the finale and would love to see her there.

If we want a good show... let's go for Chris who will probably go way over the top instead of our draping queen who will have miles and miles of beautiful fabric everywhere but with nothing new or original. Christian isn't my favorite (nor has he been that fierce) and Jillian is just dull most of the time but does nice work when she has the time.

I actually felt that Chris was being dismissed as a potential winner during the Reunion special... and still think he might surprise all of them. At least he got a great montage of his laughing episodes and is a great fun character.

It was great to see Jack looking fit and ready to compete again (hopefully next year) and our little cry baby got his moment in the sun. Poor Ricky... no respect anywhere it seems... at least Heidi has a sense of humor (loved her montage) but what was she thinking with those bangs? I thought we had a sheep dog on stage and we even got to see a bit more of Nina and Michael this time around, which was kind of cute yet somewhat forced none the less.

I don't really agree with Tim that this is the best gang so far... in fact I was more bored this season than in any previous one..... let's hope the finale doesn't let us down.