Saturday, February 16, 2008

Survivor: Micronesia - the Temptation Island Episode

My my my... how things are getting hotter in this edition of Survivor.

James is really into Pavarti, Ozzy and Amanda are making out like teenagers at Make Out Point, and on the other team we have Mikey who is seriously attracted to Mary (or atleast the way she fills out the bikini).

There's usually not this much lovin' happening in Survivor and I wonder if it's the moon or the convenient timing with Valentine's Day... it does make for some interesting team dynamics and you can see all the wheels turning amongst various players who want to see if they can play this to their advantage or how it can be a disavantage for them. Cirie made some very funny comments about 'Jungle Love' and had general disdain for all the nookie happening on her team and "teams" up with Jonathon. There are some hilarious team dynamics happening.

It's all great stuff and I am so hooked on this season. I love seeing my faves, and after this episode I started getting a better feeling and more interest in seeing the fans. They are still quite overshadowed by the faves, and the competition is pretty fierce.

Great challenge and nice to see Dolphin boy ( Ozzy) living up to his potential, and I was pretty impressed with Erik and Jason on the other side. Chet was damn close to being eliminated after his piss poor performance, and the new Exile Island with one member of each team competing against each other to find the hidden Immunity Idol is great. Kathy gets picked from the Fans and Cirie volunteers to go for the Faves.The treasure hunt for the Idol is all about finding a clue and then going back and forth between the little islands to get different clues to where the Idol is. It's different, looks tiring as hell and was another nice twist in this edition. It doesn't appear that Kathy or Cirie found anything but they walked and swam for hours.

I felt the drama at the Fans camp with having 2 shelters (one for the so called young hip crowd and another for the oldies) was childish and to my recollection, a first for Survivor. A tribe divided is not a good thing this early in the game and the Fans not be the great players that they imagine themselves to be.

Mikey is one of the best examples of this, his over analyzing over the different ways Kathy could play her Immunity Idol (or Idols) was too over done, and between his game playing and interest in Mary he threatened Joel, who was all primed to play Alpha Male for the tribe. Joel bullied his way around the rest of the tribe and got them to vote for Mary and "crippling" Mikey. Joel wants to show everyone who is boss and his plan works, surprising Mikey and getting his way.

What I didn't understand was why Joel didn't vote for Mary..... his plan, yet he voted for Tracy and I wonder what sneaky things he has up his sleeve next... or until he gets the snot kicked out of him by James.