Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Heavy Metal

I am still so happy that they have skirted around the disaster that was T3 and that the storyline has gone off in a different direction. This was another great episode, and besides seeing how the characters are evolving I am really liking seeing more about the Terminators and how they are constructed/grown and seeing some of the technology involved.

Our Terminator from the future that has been reconstructing himself shows up again this episode, this time after a Plastic Surgeon who he forces to change his look (and I assume make him look more human). FBI guy Ellison gets in on the action once the dead surgeon is discovered (and more of that mystery blood). It appears that Ellison is losing some of his pull with the other law enforcement agencies and they are looking at him kinda funny. Since our Terminator has just had lots of work done, he looks like some guy named Lazlo who was in the surgeon's data base and they bring the guy in to interogate him and take a blood sample.
Of course none of this pans out for Ellison, and he looks like an idiot in front of the cops... but his story is far from over and he doesn't realize how much closer he is getting to the truth.
Not that the episode was all about Ellison, it was mostly about discovering that they were followed through time via the nasty Terminator who is rebuilding himself, and that there have been shipments of Coltan alloy that are disappearing. It seems this is an alloy used to create the T3s (or is it T4s?) because it has a high melting point.
We have some more butting of heads between John and Sarah, and John is evolving more and more into his role of mankind's savior. There were more fun scenes with Cameron ( who is pretty cool and I love how she plays the robotic part up) and Sarah pulls no punches when it is time to get information out of the bad guys. The scene where she leaves the guy in the minefield was hilarious, and I feel for her character. She is still walking that fine line between mom and protector and trying to save the world. It ain't an easy job. The episode ends well, the scene in the bunker and seeing how our Terminator of the week went into "sleep" mode once he completed his mission was interesting. Seeing our nasty Terminator from the future kill his human template and take his place and then meet with Ellison was even better.... and I can hardly wait to see how they will continue to develop this storyline.