Thursday, January 31, 2008

Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency - Vegas Baby Vegas

In this week's episode we continue from where we left off last week....(the editing is atrocious with this series)....

...and it's still about her with "good friend and special friend of JDMA" Christian Audigier at the casting for his company Ed Hardy and a HUGE show in Las Vegas. There is all this drama created by her Business Partner Peter about Dominic and JP being already booked for a 2(x)ist job and that they shouldn't be at the casting.

Apparently Janice knows nothing of this, nor do the boys it seems and she dismisses Peter. Real classy and clearly shows the lack of communication between these 2. Anyways... dear Christian chooses a whole herd of models for his show and before you know it Janice and Co. will be off to Las Vegas for some fun and games.

We have a little interlude where Janice tries to play good Mom and takes Nathan to Ikea to buy him some furniture for his new place. She plays like a child on beds and couches, and then doesn't even pay for the stuff as she forgot her wallet. Gosh thanks Mom, that is a great gift. Nathan doesn't seem surprised and is probably used to Mom being such a basket case most of the time.

Once in Vegas, CC parties with the boys at the pool, while most of the other girls shun the sun like vampires. Desiree is especially vile and ends up being a major bitch. The boys look great in their trunks, and we learn that JP has been avoiding Rodrigo since their date. Guess things didn't work out ( we get this whole spiel from JP about not being ready for a relationship yada yada and what the hell is wrong with dating?) and JP comes across as a selfish idiot. Actually he always seems to come across like that (since his Survivor days) and is in sheer horror that he is *gasp* sharing a room with Rodrigo. Best way to fix that is to ignore the other guy and to avoid him, how very grown up. JP does do a little bonding moment with Payton and I wonder if there are ulterior motives with that....

Janice arrives and all the fun and games end and she lays down the law once again. There will be "No drinking on the job" as she finds it very unprofessional (we all know how Janice is known for her professional behaviour) and although a huge hypocrite, I have to agree with her and admire her work ethic. The models are kind of pissed but deal with it.

Rodrigo has his very own big gay moment, and goes on a Gondola ride with CC, who is completely shocked to find out JP is gay. Seriously? What kind of chemicals are in that skin product there missy? I am just surprised that Janice's number one fan (yikes), has no idea that JP is the big gay icon of JDMA. Maybe they don't have homosexuals where she comes from... anways Rodrigo pours out his heart and is really into JP. I feel sorry for the guy and then think he is probably better off with out the prima donna.

Janice and Co. go out to the big party put on by Christian Audigier. As Janice says, " He's French and you know how they love to party", and all of the gang are there except Desiree. Janice is pissed and if girls had pissing contests you know there is a big one going on right now between the 2 of them (I think Desiree is playing with fire). There is a "spontaneous" photo shoot, Janice and Christian fall in the pool and Desiree shows up late at the party. Nathan tells her to watch her ass and she pouts back that she "showed up and that's all that matters" ...besides she sees it as not part of the job and Janice has been trying to instill that work ethic in her models. It's all about networking...

There is more drama about Dominic and dealing with Jason from 2(x)ist to clear up the confusion over model bookings. Jason says that Dominic was booked, and that there seems to be some communication problems between Peter and Janice. Ya think? Janice works out a deal that seems to make everyone happy and is still fuming over Peter.

Finally we get to Christian Audigier's show and it is very Mad Max in that Post-Apocalyptic Thunderdome look. I was hoping for Tina Turner to pop up but no such luck. The models are hot hot hot and look fierce. Janice is thrilled with the show and it is a huge hit.

We finally get to the end of the episode and another HUGE cliffhanger (they have been promoting it non stop since the beginning of the episode) and all the models are assembled and Janice says "All I can say is that everything is about to change!"

and another badly edited ending... sigh.... so much manufactured drama and I can't stop watching...