Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bionic Woman - Paradise Lost


Hear me NBC... what the frick are you doing with this series? While I can understand you need to develop a character this show is just not doing it for me so far.... and I am probably one of the biggest geeks out there and can put up with a lot.

A few points:

1- Couldn't you atleast try to make an intro for the series that atleast paid hommage to the original series instead of this weird dancing behind a piece of frosted glass thing?

2- If you continue making the villain (Sarah) more interesting than the heroine (Jamie) then kill Jamie off and make it the Sarah show....

3- I don't like and don't want to see that homophobe Isaac Washington on TV. Seriously.

4- Why the hell did you kill of the Doctor?? stupid stupid stupid

5- Can you atleast try to make the storylines interesting?

At this rate the show will be cancelled before Christmas ...