Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Week 4

Another great week of dances, and I have to say that Cameron kicked some serious ass with his Superman inspired performance. Not only did he look great, but actually made the theme song fit the style.. impressive! (kudos to his partner Edyta for all that)

On a side note... Carrie Ann seemed to be on a bit of a rant night 1 -- not sure if it was PMS or something but wasn't too pretty until Cameron seemed to get her a little excited... hmmm..

The majority of dances were great, Jennie is way better than I ever expected, Mel kicked up a storm, Marie was okay but not as fun as last week, Helio was great as usual, Jane was very elegant and Sabrina rocked the house with a perfect score and I figured to see Mark and Floyd in the bottom 2...

I don't usually watch the results show, but last night saw that the great Wade Robson was performing and so had to see that... all that I can say is WOW.... the guy is amazing and had me completely hooked on his circus inspired performance--- simply astounding...


Mel is in the bottom 2 with Floyd
-- America hang your head in shame for doing that to Mel
(at least she is saved and Floyd hits the road)