Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Last night's episode was great...lots of plot development and appearances by most of the cast... and a hell of a lot happened in that hour.

The storyline with Hiro is progressing nicely, thanks to the clues left to Ando in the sword, and I am eager to see what happens next now that Hiro has "broken the space-time continuum" by falling in love and kissing the princess and seeing his hero go over to the dark side... I still say it's no time before Hiro becomes his hero...
Peter has made his way to Montreal (in their universe it seems), got a note from mysterious Adam and has jumped into New York in the future (June 2008) and most of humanity is dead.... I guess the impetus for this year is to save the world again?
Suresh had some great development and showed some balls in standing up to the company, Monica got tested and ends up with a cool IPOD kinda thing that she can call up different abilities (including plumbing??), and Adam is mentioned again and it looks like the new team of Suresh and Niki are on the hunt... that would make me nervous.
Claire and flying boy cooked up a scheme to get Claire on the Cheerleading squad which was kind of cheesy and completely implausible but it seemed to work... Claire's storyline is not that interesting and hope they can do something better.
Sylar and the wonder twins are on a killing spree crossing the border and I am starting to get bored with them.... I hope Sylar gets his powers back soon and kills both of them as they seem pretty whiney.
Finally I have to say the Claire's dad, HRG, is the most complex and interesting character that I have seen on the tube in a while.... his interogation of his former boss in the Ukraine and prompt disposal of him was as cold as you can get, and his discovery of the other paintings (which we didn't get to see much of) opened another can of worms that we will have to decipher over the following episodes. God I love this show.