Thursday, October 04, 2007

Kid Nation- Deal with it

Last night's episode was all about rules and setting boundries as the kids learned that they needed to work more, play less and had to have a curfew.

The kids had another fun challenge with sheep (sheer chaos) and the youngest team won and became the Upper Class... meaning our little pageant Queen finally had a reason not to work and to be the good little republican that she is. The kids decided to keep the frontier microwave and cocoa instead of taking the pizza treat which did not sit well with all the kids.

The crap finally hit the fan at the Town Council meeting and once threatened, Taylor promised to work harder and finally one of the young kids got the all important Gold Star (Mallory), which was nice to see and probably helped moral all around, unless your name is Greg. Things are getting more heated after a couple of weeks in the boonies and I wonder how much longer before we get into "Lord of the Flies" territory....