Sunday, October 28, 2007

Drawn Together Babies

This week was another one of the brilliant spoofs that Drawn Together is so well known for.... and none other than their version of "Muppet Babies".
Starting from their own version of the theme song including " We are so adorable you'll want to smash our heads in" and the pseudo reality/imagination sequences, it had the feel of a Muppet Babies episode with the unseen parents, and showed how each of the characters became the characters that we love today. The baby versions of each character were brilliant and the development of each was followed up with " and that's how..." narration.
There were tons of laughs, and the storyline of accidentally killing the babysitter and having to dispose of the body was not your typical Muppet Babies storyline but would you expect anything less from this show? I was in hysterics watching them stuff the body into "My First Abandoned Refrigerator". Not for the faint of heart...