Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Another great episode last night.... the only problem being that there are so many characters you never get to see all of them in one episode.
I love the new Monica character, and photographic reflexes has got to be one of the coolest powers around.... it'll be interesting to see if her power works on other powers or if it is limited to "normal" human stuff. If I was her I'd start watching a whack load of martial art films real soon as those abilities might come in handy....
It was great seeing Matt become an important part of the story... looks like his dad is the bogey man and part of the Company, which ties even more of the story together.. good thing I like complicated story lines! i was surprised to learn that his ex-wife was pregnant with a baby from her affair... didn't see that one coming.
Claire is having fun with her new BF, Nathan looks like he is having some Nikki moments and Sylar has the wonder twins convinced that he is there to help them... all is getting very interesting and looking forward to seeing more of the heroes interact with each other.