Monday, October 01, 2007

Desperate Housewives Season Premiere

I am so glad this show is back, with all of it's dirty little secrets and such a bunch of wacky characters. Quickly picking up where things left off, Edie doesn't kill herself (yeah what a surprise....) and then we do a little jump one month later.
Things heat up quickly with the arrival of new (old) neighbours, Katherine, Adam and Dylan. It appears someone used to live in the neighbourhood, left under mysterious circumstances (gotta love Mrs. McCloskey for spilling the beans) and is now back with new hot doctor husband (LOVE Nathan Fillion) and amnesia stricken daughter--- all fun and interesting and nice to see a woman that will actually try to do battle with Bree? Me hopes for a "good old Dynasty style smack down cat fight roll in the mud" kinda thing eventually.... one can dream.
Anyways catching up with our friends on Wisteria Lane:
Gaby is still in her not wanted marriage, pining for Carlos;
Carlos is blackmailed into staying with Edie who is milking the pity card way too hard;
Bree is still faking pregnancy and being militant about no one touching her belly (Orson still creeps the hell out of me and his cover idea of the fake magical BBQ fork was just too much... yikes!)
Lynette is still battling cancer, wearing a wig and barfing in other people's purses. Yeeesh! Tom was basically non existant in this episode so nothing new there..... her mom, played by Polly Bergen is hilarious and loved her comments about playing "the cancer card".
Susan is as .... well ..... Susan as ever. Seriously is she never happy or just wanting to sabotage her life so things end badly? Maybe we can write this off to hormones as it appears she might be pregnant (with whose baby ???) She did have a nice awkward moment with new hot Doctor who just happens to be a gynecologist .... nice to put a face to the name ! LOL
I was happy to see that Julie was getting more air time, hopefully Andrew will get more when the rumoured gay couple arrives soon.... this should be interesting.