Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bones- The Mummy in the Maze

I am already a huge fan of the show, and last night's Halloween episode had so much geeky goodness I felt like I was trick or treating.

I loved the costumes of each character and how well they fit the personalities of each... Brennan's take on Wonder Woman (and her reminding those around her that it was just a costume and that she couldn't actually repel bullets with her bracelets), Angela as Cher was too much, Cam in her Catwoman costume (although she kept saying she was a superhero instead of a villain), Booth as a ' Squint', I kept expecting him to show a Superman costume underneath and the rest of the gang as 1/2 of a cow and the Captain of the Titanic was just too funny.

The storyline was great and had the requisite action and fun that I expect each episode, and having several of the characters face their fears ( Booth and Clowns-- too funny) made for lots of fun, games and mayhem. The storyline with Angela and Hodgins (or Hodgkins as the investigator insisted on calling him) finding Angela's husband to try to get him to sign the divorce papers was hilarious, and the snarky investigator that kept repeating how hot Angela's ex is was brilliant and hope to see her again.

I loved Brennan doing her little Wonder Woman twirl at the was just too much geeky goodness.