Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Week 3

Week 3 was a pretty good week, and I have to say the Marie Osmond is impressing the hell outta me.... I love her presence and comic timing, and she knows how to work a crowd. I was happy to see her get high scores and big approval from the judges. Jane Seymour was great, putting a lot of emotion into her performance after just losing her mother and received a great score as well. Helio, Sabrina, Jennie and Mel B. all did great performances and it's easy to see who the best couples are.
I have to say that I wasn't that impressed with Mark or Cameron, and it wasn't really that much of a surprise that Floyd and Wayne were selected for the bottom 2.

Finally Wayne is eliminated (thank god) and we can get down to some heavy duty competition over the upcoming weeks as the better dancers will pull out all the stops.

Too bad Drew is finishing is guest hosting duties this week as I found him much better than Samantha.....