Saturday, October 06, 2007

Dancing with the Stars - Week 2

Week 2 was a great series of performances from most of the stars. I absolutely loved Marie Osmond and thought she played the "hot cougar" really well with her partner, and had tons of personality. It was a riot to see a whole bunch of the Osmond clan in the audience, and she will more than likely go far in the competition, all she needs is her family to vote and that would do it. Out of the performances, Cheetah girl Sabrina kicked more butt with her energy, but Jane Seymour, Scary Spice, Mark Cuban and Floyd Mayweather were all pretty blah for me--- nothing that amazing but okay... I felt sorry for Jennie Garth with the slip up and all, but felt she did a great job with her partner.

Helio was absolutely amazing and deserved the Judge's was a great performance. Kind of hard to believe that this is a race car driver.. they work very well together and the complicated choreography was fun to watch.
I still can not understand why Wayne Newton is still hanging around, and after Albert Reed being eliminated this week is seems that Dancing with the Stars does not like models... both of them have been voted off so far, mind you Albert could blame the boring choreography for that one.

Cameron Mathison better watch his pretty boy ass.... looks only appear to take you so far in this show....