Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pushing Daisies

TV's most original show keeps getting better and better.... maybe it's the visual nature of the show and the smart writing or maybe it's the great actors, the out there concepts and the emotions.

It's all of the above.... there is simply nothing else on the tube like this and I danced with joy when I found it has already been picked up for a full season. Yippee!

Last night's episode, Pigeon, had an accidental re-animation, Bees, Plane crashes, Escaped convicts,Bejewelers, Windmills, a way out there kaleidoscope effect and a narcoleptic historian... and that was only the tip of this iceberg. Swoozy Kurtz is brilliant as Chuck's acidic Aunt Lily, and I loved how we got to hear Olive sing "Birdcage in your soul" while on her mission to deliver the carrier pigeon's message.... this show is just great !