Monday, October 22, 2007

Desperate Housewives

Last night saw the introduction of the "gay couple" that has arrived in Wisteria Lane, and the best bitchy comment so far has been " I hope we live up to your stereotype", which hopefully will not be happening. Susan is an interesting character but does she have to screw up everything?

Another good episode, the show has gotten back some of it's "oumph" that was missing last year, and had lots of fun moments that were balanced with some of the dramedy that happens on the show. The mystery surrounding Katherine and Aunt Lily, Bree and the ex-mother in law, the return of Danielle , dog-napping, role playing and crab cakes all made for an interesting hour.... I can hardly wait until Danielle has her baby and it turns out to be that Mathew is the father.... explain that one Bree ....