Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Chuck - Chuck Versus the Helicopter

Here we are at the second episode and while not as well paced as the first episode, it was still an enjoyable ride and setting the stage for more fun and games with our gang of nerds.

Sarah is now working at Wienerlicious (too fricking funny), Casey is working with Chuck at Buy More and being a complete jerk to everyone and the rest of the gang thinks Chuck and Sarah are dating. Chuck makes lots of fun references about "if this was a real relationship" and you can see how much he is into Sarah.

Getting back to the episode... the Doctor who created the system (Intersect) that is in Chuck's noggin is called in to see if he can get the information out. Chuck is tested and with all the babble going on we even get a mention of Oceanic Flight 815.. holy crap! A Lost reference??

Cue fake death scene and evil Doctor and then all hell breaks loose with Chuck not knowing who is friend or foe. There is a great fight scene in Wienerlicious between Sarah and Casey that involves lots of plastic utensils (what?! no spork??) and the episode ends with Chuck using his gaming experience to land a real helicopter... kinda predictable.

The show is still on the list..... here's hoping the next episode brings back more of the energy of the pilot.