Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chuck VS The Sandworm

Another week and another fun episode of Chuck. Last night's Halloween inspired episode had all the geeky goodness that I have come to expect from this show, and best of all it was certainly most awesome with Captain Awesome's Adam costume.... Chuck's sister certainly has good taste..

The storyline with the crazy genius was interesting, but I think it's time Chuck got to the point of trusting his handlers and moving forward... I loved how things have evolved with his best buddy Morgan in this episode and the slow moving reunion scene at the end had me in hysterics, I was almost expecting them to kiss.

The supporting characters really make the chemistry work in this show, and the subplot with Tang and the rest of the Buymore gang and the food challenge, their Halloween costumes, and the fight for the Assistant Manager position had me chuckling (arghh!) most of the time. The deadpan presence of Casey and the " what kind of sandwich would you bring to a desert island?" question had me roaring... this show is too brilliant.
Oh yeah... and the Sandworm costume that Chuck and Morgan wear is most awesome...