Friday, October 05, 2007

Smallville - Kara

Continuing our story from last week, Clark learns he is not the only survivor of Krypton and he has a cousin (Kara) who was sent from Krypton to Earth. Kara spent years in suspended animation, can fly ( "girls mature faster than boys"), and all of her clothes have shrunk it seems...

Kara's ship has vanished...and there is an important crystal that needs to be found and Jor-el tells Clark not to trust Kara... to be followed.

Meanwhile Lois gets offered a job at the Daily Planet from the impossibly young new editor, Chloe gets treated like crap, Lex finds Lana and the angst continues..... if they keep bashing Chloe like this I think someone needs to take some of those writers out back and give them a good old thumping, Chloe has been one of the best characters and she deserves much better treatment like this.

Albet all the angst, still enjoyable enough to watch and hey, if they want to make my year let's kill off Lana soon.