Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Heroes - Lizards

Last night's episode was another great one but I still have the same complaint as last year, not enough time each episode to see all of the characters.

This week we had the return of the Haitian, Mohinder speaking French and playing double agent within the Company, Hiro's adventures in time (and who didn't see it coming that Hiro would become his hero Takeza...), Peter discovering his powers and trying to get his memory back, Matt playing detective and getting a big old shout down from Mama Petrelli (too cool), Maya and Alejandro border jumping and being evil/cursed with something that looks like the black ick from X Files, and the Bennett family trying to hang low which doesn't sit well with Claire.

Besides cute stalker guy hanging around (or flying) and having her car stolen she has gotten some interesting info from Biology class and is fascinated with how lizards regenerate... so Claire being the experimental kinda girl that she is, cuts off her toe (yikes!) to see if it will regrow.... it was a fascinating moment and of course left me with tons of questions like "will her hair re-grow if cut?" and "will the absent body parts grow bodies to house them?"

Personally I think Mr Muggles stole the show last night when we saw him watching the Dog Show on TV.... but I am still pissed that I haven't seen Nikki and family yet, where are they?