Monday, October 08, 2007

Catching up with Big Bang Theory

Finally had the chance to catch up on the first 2 episodes of the show and am completely hooked. This is the funniest new comedy that I have seen this year and the characters have the best chemistry I have seen in ages.

Johnny Galecki (Leonard) & Jim Parsons (Sheldon) make the oddest couple on the tube in years... and their combination genius/nerd/geek babble is so over the top at times it can be a challenge to follow. I am in all of my geeky heaven with all the superhero references, scientific facts and fish out of water scenarios... why does this show have to be on the same time as Chuck? Couldn't they spread the geeks around more?

I have loved Johnny since he was in Roseanne (his character there was also kinda geeky) and I have heard that Sara Gilbert and Laurie Metcalf from Roseanne will also be appearing on the show. I wonder if they could get Roseanne to make some appearance also?