Monday, October 29, 2007

Desperate Housewives

Things are a hell of a lot more interesting this year on Wisteria Lane... I don't know if they have changed writers but the show has improved tons over last year. The new character Katherine (and the new gay neighbours) have added so much intrigue and bitchiness that the episodes just fly by and there is tons to keep up with.
The fountain storyline was hilarious... and Bree had one of the stand out lines of last night: "Of all the gay men in the world, we have to get the two without taste!" Time for the Home owner's association to take things in hand and best of all it's time for an election, and before you know it we have Freedom vs Fascism with Katherine and Lynette fighting for the Presidency.
Besides the Fountain issue, Gaby and Carlos had a great scene with the yummy John making a guest appearance, and Edie getting the goods on Carlos and Gaby... things are definately heating up and it will be interesting to see what happens next. Susan is still being wasted and they need to get a better storyline for her... funny that there was no mention of her pregnancy this week.
My favorite part of the episode had to be the storyline with Bree, Danielle and the Grandmother at the retirement villa and the bartering of the baby for a convertible... it was just too funny and the preview for next week had me desperate to see what happens next... good job writers, you have done your job very well !