Monday, January 07, 2008

The Amazing Race - Osaka Mash up

I think that after this week I will no longer choose a favorite team, as every time I do that they seem to inch closer to elimination. Maybe I should use reverse psychology and pick the team I hate? If that is the case then I REALLY HOPE that Nate & Jen win the race, as they are obviously my favorite team (sarcastic OK?).

Anyways.... we start off with our final 4 teams and are off from Mumbai (aka Bombay) to Osaka. TK & Rachel are off first, and arrive at the airport, book a flight and seem to think that they have gotten the best route. Our other teams arrive and take a different flight, and before you know it are running around in Osaka while TK & Rachel are no where to be seen. In fact, they have pretty much vanished off the face of the earth as the episode continues and we get see our merry band of travellers have to drive a cab in Osaka (which seems to be some confusing layer of hell of one way streets), and then can either Sniff for flowers or play Robot Soccer.

Considering that there is supposed to be only one real flower in a shop full of fakes, the majority of teams opt to go sniffing while Gramps & Nick decide to go play. Thankfully Nick was there to talk his dear grandfather through it (very cool robots) and they finished in decent time. Don is still hanging in there pretty good for being the oldest guy standing.

The biggest drama had to be again Nate & Jen. More meltdowns, bad attitudes and at one point they actually had a chance to win this round.... and thankfully didn't due to their bad attitudes and nasty energy. If they were nicer they probably wouldn't have had any problems getting a taxi or getting help, but with such bad vibes it's not surprise that everyone they ran into conveniently didn't speak English or wasn't willing to help.

Ron & Christina did better this round, and Ron tried to be better (a bit), but it was ultimately the fact that Christina can speak some Japanese that gave them the advantage and they finished first, arriving before (and pissing off) Nate & Jen. It was the lesser of the evils and anything that can make our meltdown couple go nuclear is fine with me.

TK & Rachel finally had a little montage at the end, where they did their thing and arrived in last place, only to find out that it was a non elimination leg and not only are they 3 hours behind but they have the dreaded Speed Bump next week before we get down to the finals.
Go Nate & Jen ! ( I guess.... if my new theory works at all...)