Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - About time

In a world of re-runs and bad remakes, this series finally breaks out of that trap (thank the gods of Kobal) and we get a good series, with great stories and some pretty damn fine acting. Lena Headey channels the Sarah Connor character so well that she picks up and expands on the original version played by Linda Hamilton, and although it took me a few minutes to adjust to several "No, this isn't Heroes or Firefly " moments with having Thomas Dekker and Summer Glau in the cast, I really enjoyed the characters and their interaction. The new Terminatrix is not only young and hauntingly beautiful (like every character Summer plays) but a different model, with some new abilities that we are beginning to see and I am sure has tons of surprises up her robotic sleeve.

You have to love the Fox network and their big over the top 2 night events. I loved the pilot on Sunday night and the whole time travel sequence (very cool) and then we get treated with a brand new episode the next night. The new opening credits are just too fracking cool (and killer in HD) and I love the feel of the series and the convenient way they have bypassed the disaster of a 3rd movie. This is way better Terminator stories, and from the way things have started it will be an exciting ride. I look forward to riding this one as long as possible... let's hope its not one of those Fox shows that gets cancelled after a season or 2 or sometimes less ... like.... Dark Angel, Titus, Action, Wonderfalls, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Firefly, Harsh Realm, The Tick or Greg the Bunny.... but you never know these days.... only the future will tell. Quick! Someone send a robot back in time and make sure this show is a hit.