Saturday, January 12, 2008

Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency - Drama Drama Drama

Things are always in meltdown mode on Janice.... I am a firm believer in the kind of energy you put out is the kind that you get back (how zen), and Janice is such a wreck that obviously, things are always in chaos around her.

With so much manufactured drama (like last week's " Models for Jesus"), we also get thrown in the harsh realities of being a model, such as having to do jobs that you don't really want to and the whole eating disorder thing. I am still not happy about how Janice reacts to Crystal and her obvious anorexia (skinny is one thing but bones showing everywhere is just too much)... but then Janice does know the industry and the unrealistic body image that the guys and girls have to live with to be successful.

Strangely the guys have to deal with similar issues, but it usually revolves around being more cut and lean and we don't seem to have exactly the same issues... usually the guys are getting called on making out with a client or drinking and getting bitch slapped by Janice.

This week was Janice opening up a bit and trying to connect with Alexis who besides having some very lovely ribs (how skinny do these girls have to be?), has a self destructive side that leads to some nasty bruises and cuts.... hopefully Janice opening up and being available as a resource will make some small change for our girl, but I am not holding my breath waiting. A lot of these models seem to be pretty damaged goods (being pretty I guess is not what it is all made up to be) and problems seem to go hand in hand with the industry.

The boys (as usual), were having more fun with a little poker party (best done in your underwear of course) where the big topic was about exactly how gay Kehoe is. Pretty gay I would have to say but the boy does say he likes girls.... that will have to be continued later it appears.

Janice's son Nathan gets a bit of the spotlight after his return from Europe (mama Janice kindly offers to have him checked and flea dipped once she finds out he was in the red light district of Amsterdam), and there is a whole contrived scene of him getting Jennifer Lopez's fashion company (conveniently partnered with daddy) to do a look through of momma Janice's models. Of course his parents go on and on about how brilliant he is but we all know that ain't the truth and they are just trying to make him look good. Nathan may be cute, but not noted for his smarts nor his presence... the guy sounds like such a dolt.

Finally we get to the best part of the episode, where several of the guys are chosen for the very racy Rufskin shoot... very gay and very exposed. JP doesn't want to play and be typecast as gay (which I think is a smart move on his part) and once our guys are off to the shoot they get shaved, primped,oiled and everything but fluffed (you think...) and get very uncomfortable with the whole erotic vibe. Of course Janice has a moment of greatness when she arrives to check things out and raises hell about having Champagne there, and I do have to agree with her work ethic and her models staying clean for the shoots. It does seem more professional, just poorly handled as usual by our resident Diva. Things just start heating up with the photo shoot and surprise ... episode is over and now we have to wait until next week to see how far the guys are willing to go to get some shots for the company.... I can hardly wait.