Sunday, January 27, 2008

Torchwood - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Saying that Season 2 started off with a bang is an understatement. The Brits knocked my socks off with the return of Torchwood and special guest star James Marsters (bad boy Spike) as the uber sexual and very naughty Captain John Hart. Yup it's another bad boy character for James (and another with a British accent) but no worries as he pulls it off with great ease....

The Team has been "making due" since Captain Jack Harkness disappeared last season and we catch up with them chasing down (believe it or not).... a Blow fish in a stolen sports car. This isn't you everyday run of the mill blow fish, but one of those wacky alien beings that populate the Doctor Who universe.

Captain Jack Harkness appears just in time to save the day, and before we know it the gang is back at Torchwood HQ and trying to figure out what the hell happened over the past few month while another rift opens and our friend Captain John Hart appears. With in minutes of arriving, he kills a criminal and then zips off to a local bar, where he frightens off the customers and waits for Jack.

Jack gets a holo message from John ( both of them are rogue Time Agents it appears) that ends with a hilarious " Help me Obi-wan Kenobi, you're my only hope." quote that is another major geek moment and Jack zips off to meet with his old chum. He leaves the gang behind, something that they are most unhappy about and track him down. Jack meets John at the bar and after a long awkward pause we get some hot lip lock (that probably imploded the American censor's heads) and one of those rough fight/make out scenes that are usually reserved for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. It's all very good stuff, and gets even more hilarious when the rest of Torchwood shows up and discover Jack and his former partner (in every sense).

This just adds more fuel to the fire that is known as Captain Jack, the team is still fascinated with this walking mystery that everyone wants yet no one knows anything about. Jack manages to blow over most of the fascination and once John explains that he is there because of promise to " a woman he loved that died" and he needs to find some wayward containers... so the team is mobilised to search them down. Jack knows that John is completely untrustworthy and warns the team, yet he says he wants to play along so he can end that chapter of his life and to move on.

There is some great scenes with naughty Captain John Hart and the rest of the gang and some great chemistry and joking with Captain Jack. Their chemistry reminded me a bit of the Spike/Angel chemistry and I loved the " Mine is bigger than his" jokes and the whole who's in charge/ on top bit. The best part is when Captain John takes them out one by one. He kisses Gwen and paralyzes her with some poisonous lip gloss (I guess that Jack is immune), knocks Toshiko out and then shoots Owen to keep them busy, and then sets his sights on Jack and Ianto.

I knew that Jack was kinda flirty with different characters (men, women or alien no difference) but was still a little surprised that he was asking Ianto out on a date. It was charming the way they cautiously agreed to go out, and I was in hysterics when John showed up and kept calling Ianto " Eye Candy" before sending him off to save his friends. John was the master manipulator, setting all the players up to pick up his pieces, and taking them out one by one. Jack fares no better and ends up getting pushed off the building and ends up sprawled all over a statue in the promenade and John is off with his treasure.

It appears that John killed the woman he loved for a diamond, and that you need the 3 pieces to make the key to get to the diamond. Our gang at Torchwood re-group (thanks to Ianto) and once Jack re-animates (the guy just can't die), they catch up to John as he opens up the treasure. Surprise... it's no treasure and John gets a nice little bomb that is attuned to the DNA of the killer attached to him. He takes Gwen hostage and there is a mad scramble to find a way to disarm the bomb before it detonates and they only have 10 minutes. The gang steps up and save the day just before they have to sacrifice Gwen.

All is well that ends well.... there is some more joking about John joining the team before he is sent off on his way via the rift but not before leaving what seemed to be an ominous message with Jack... I guess Captain John will be back again this season and I can hardly wait... damn those sexy Time Agents....