Monday, January 07, 2008

Desperate Housewives - Answers & Questions

OK... the whole strike thing is now officially pissing me off. We get the best season so far of Housewives (and a really, really good episode) and for what? Continued when? Next season? Crap...

So the answers: following up to the Twister episode before the holidays, Victor, Ida and Sylvia have all bit the big one and the neighbourhood is in shambles. The opening scene with the destruction and watching Lynette waiting to see if her family survived was very well done, as was the support of her friends and the small acts of kindness. I know it might have seemed cruel to kill off one of the kids. but for drama it would have been interesting.... and there is that girl that is half family that could have been done away with.... Finding out the Ida died was a shame, as she was one of those fun supporting characters that can make an impact in any scene, and learning that she saved the family made it even more poignant. The underlying theme of knowing those around you better and not taking people for granted was well played out, and the scene with Lynette and Mrs. McCulskey spreading Ida's ashes at the Ballpark was the perfect balance. Mrs. McCulskey quoting "Do not stand at my grave and weep" followed by " Dump her" to the madcap antics of running around all Keystone cop to avoid the police and finishing the job was a nice homage to the character. I don't remember if she was in the actual commercials, but it appears that Ida was a fan of the infamous "Where's the beef?" commercials from Wendy's and it strangely feels right for the character. Learning that she was a kick ass Baseball player in WWII was the icing on the cake and she got a nice send off. Thank god Lynette saved her ashes from her bad relatives and fulfilled her last wishes, even if it did take some sneaky switcheroo with the vacuum bag contents.

The best part of all last night was the whole thing with Bree and Susan. Bree has a contractor that she got via our token gay couple (mourning the loss of their fountain, there has to be a better storyline for these 2) who is fixing her roof.... so she is staying at Susan's while the work is supposed to be done. The poor contractor (Walter) got dumped recently and his old boyfriend just moved in with a new boyfriend and the poor dear is beside himself with emotions. It's all very drama queen and Bree decides that the only way to get her work done is to basically pimp out her gay son to make Walter happy. Of course not in a sexual way... after all Bree is the queen of the tease and knows how to flatter and flirt to get her way and expects Andrew to do the same for her. It's hilarious, and the whole dinner scene with trying to set up Andrew and Walter is a true comedy of epic proportions. Orson throws out some funny lines about boot shopping, and Bree is suddenly the tolerant PFLAG mom when push comes to shove. Susan and Julie have gotten accustomed to having supermom at their house who cooks, cleans and is the mother that Susan never was (which of course, she is not in the least offended by) and when they see the risk of Bree leaving, they decide to sabotage Bree's plan to make the contractor happy and keep Bree around as long as possible. I was practically crying when Susan was saying that she had gotten used to ironed pillowcases and she wasn't going to give up with out a fight. Of course if you get Susan involved, it will go to hell and Walter leaves (much to the chagrin of Bree and Andrew who was counting on getting a 60" TV out of this) and the whole scene of Susan going on and on about Andrew's previous young & hot boyfriends (which we need more of...) and the whole trophy boyfriend thing made me realize that I guess that Susan has watched cable as she seemed pretty up on her gay culture. After the requisite blowup, Susan explains to Bree that she needs all this mothering at the moment (being pregnant and having your hubby in rehab is a bit rough) we have a nice bonding moment with the wives. It was great humor and some of the best scenes with both ladies this year.

Gaby got shot down at Victor's funeral by his dad... and cut off and out of the will and has gone from richer to poorer it appears.... but seems to still want Carlos (when not drugging him) who is hiding the secret that he is now blind due to his accident in the Twister.... things look rough for these 2 if we ever find out what happens...yup this is part of the questions....

Catherine's secret appears to be out with Adam, who found the mysterious note and confronted her before leaving... something about Catherine being responsible for something with her ex and then she burns the note, of course to be found (partially) by Dylan who pieces together some remnants to discover.... what? what? what? arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Damn it this another one of those questions that I'd really like to know more about.... so please play nice, make some deals and finish this strike and maybe we can get a final episode or 2 this year... it would be nice and if David Letterman's company can swing a deal can't others?