Friday, January 25, 2008

Chuck VS the Undercover Lover

It has been way too many weeks since our last episode (damn strike), and Chuck was back this week for not one, but two episodes in the same night. I don't know why they had to play them both the same night but I am not complaining, after all some Chuck is better than no Chuck at all.

I have missed this show, it has the right balance of geeky goodness that I love and our first episode of the evening got me right back in tune with our nerd and his wild and wacky world.

Since this episode highlighted Casey (and a bit more of his back story) it was a great opportunity to see how Adam Baldwin is so fricking hilarious as the uber serious but seriously sexy spy... and everything from his affair with the Ilsa, his undercover name of Sugar bear (OMG), his drinking scotch while listening to Neil Diamond's " Love on the Rocks", the fight scene while being tied to the chair with Chuck and the whole "coming out of the pool scene in a wet tux" scene nearly put me over the edge watching this episode. Having the scene where he opens up to Chuck about his feelings for Ilsa ,and Chuck screaming " It's.... ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE" in response was one of those priceless moments.

In fact this episode was full of funny and priceless moments, the show is well done and they have done some great development with all the characters as well as the interaction between them.

There was a bit less Sarah in this one (Casey was the main focus) but greeting Chuck at Wienerlicious and offering him "The new breakfast corn dog with country sausage and syrup wrapped in a pancake" was insanely well written (and probably scarily true) and the whole undercover in the Russian bar and in the hotel was all very fun spy stuff.

My favorite Chuck lines of the night (besides the alive comment) was his statement that he always thought " Casey was like a Ken doll, you know, from the waist down" and his " I don't want to die a man-stewardess" during the big fight scene. We were howling with laughter at home watching this one.

Our gang at the Buy More were right on track, and there was some fun banter with the gang when Awesome and Ellie visit the Buy More to make a big purchase and learn what "Retail Therapist" means. The storyline was cute and the whole poker night with the boys was hilarious. Morgan playing all the angles with Ellie and Awesome being completely non threatened was more of the show being well, awesome, and I can't believe that it may be months before we see more... if ever....