Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stargate Atlantis - Spoils of War

After all of my whining last week about Atlantis not taking the ZPMs, I had to laugh when I saw this week's episode was all about the Wraith having taken the ZPMs and getting a Cloning Hive operational. So much for gaping plot holes that don't make sense.... I have to credit the writers with resolving an issue that irked the hell out of me.

It was trippy to see the last few minutes of the Replicator war again from the Wraith persepective before our smart and dangerous aliens escaped destruction and were off on their new mission.

There was some headway with the whole Teyla pregnancy story and Sheppard not wanting her to put her into danger, which to some alien cultures, might seem sexist. I have to agree on that one as Teyla was willing to work until ready to give birth it seems, and ultimately it should be her choice. Anyways the whole point becomes moot as they need Teyla and her Wraith genes to pilot a ship so they can investigate what happened to their former Wraith ally (who they decide to call Todd) and what is happening with some mysterious installation.We do get some interesting back history of the Atlanteans and the Wraiths.

It's quite the site the Cloning facility, and to see the Queen in action and how they can produce thousands of warriors quickly is pretty disturbing. Since this is all because of the ZPMs that power the facility, our team wants to get them back and shut the facility down before it's too late. After the gang is captured (as usual), Teyla makes psychic contact with the Queen, and is able to take control of her, releasing the prisoners and then there is a big battle inside Teyla's head between her and the Queen before Teyla breaks free. It appears her psychic abilities are augmented by being pregnant (wtf?) and in the end they end up crashing the Wraith ship into the facility to destroy everything and leave empty handed. So much for the ZPMs.... and Teyla now realizes (of course) that she should be more careful during her pregnancy so will probably be out of the picture for the next while.

I am still wondering where Weir is.....