Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - The Turk

Here we are at Episode 3 and things are progressing nicely in the storyline and the development of the characters. I absolutely LOVE Lena Heady as Sarah... and her dream sequences have been "most awesome" so far. The whole sequence with the creators of the atomic bomb (the Manhattan Project) and the questions of whether or not to kill the scientists to prevent the creation of the bomb was definitely hot topic... but unfortunately we all know that this will not turn out good as the Terminators are still around. The time travel/conundrum stuff is hard to keep track of and can be a complete mind frack if you try to figure things out too much...

I love the bad Terminator (red eyes = bad) and his kidnapping of the scientist and the chemical formula from the future to make artificial skin... weird but effective stuff and I can hardly wait until he looks like his original self (this is the one that came through time after our gang). I wonder if this formula will grow hair also or if our Terminators have wigs they wear... things always appear so organic with the Terminators and it's interesting to see some of the back story behind them.

Our good Terminator (blue eyes = good) Cameron is still confusing me a bit as she seemed very human in her first appearance in the pilot, but seems less adapted since that point. She still acts like a huge freak at times, but I was laughing my ass off at her exchange with the girls in the bathroom at school. I love the character and can hardly wait for her to get all bad ass again.

I love our side story of our FBI friend who is still after Sarah and John... and the whole finding the bodies of the other resistance fighters from the future (who were found dead last week) and discovering that one of them has the same finger prints as a 4 year old boy that is living right now is pretty nifty.... I wonder if dear Agent Ellsion will become a believer eventually once he sees all these impossible things happening.

Continuing with our storyline of trying to stop the future from happening, Sarah has a lead on someone from Cyberdyne courtesy of another appearance of Tarissa, Miles Dyson's widow. No sign of their kid (he would be an adult at this point) but it was fascinating to see the character again (a couple of decades added) and her non shock as to Sarah looking exactly the same as the last time they saw each other. Sarah tracks down the guy (Andy, an ex-intern) who is a poor excuse of Cellphone salesman and who ultimately ends up hitting on Sarah and asking her out. It turns out the Andy is not such a bad guy, he is just an uber-geek and has built a computer that he calls the Turk. The Turk plays Chess, and can learn from his mistakes it appears and Andy swears that Turk is even kind of moody.

Sarah has her huge quandry to deal with.... kill Andy to make sure he doesn't create anymore Artificial Intelligence or destroy what has been created and hope this stops some of the events that are leading to the end of mankind? John takes center stage for awhile, and you really see his future leader potential as he tries to get more information from Mom (who is completely technologically challenged it seems) and explains about the Singularity. The Singularity is the time when a computer becomes self aware and is able to build better versions of its self with out any human assistance. It's the big Terminator Judgement day scenario, where if that happens you better just kiss your ass good bye because there is nothing you can really do at that point. Sarah decides to torch Andy's house and destroy his work.

This makes me wonder why Sarah didn't kill Andy...? Was she following her instincts or did I miss something in the story? I know she was mulling around the destroy the creator or the creation since her dream, and it seems the Andy is not really involved with Cyberdyne so is it her humanity that she is trying to assert so they are not like the machines in the future that destroy what they can't control or understand? It certainly left some food for thought this episode.... and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.