Monday, January 28, 2008

Journey to the Center of the Earth - What were they thinking?

OK ION network-- I wasted 2 hours of my TV time last night watching this piece of crap that you called "an adaptation of the Jule's Verne classic".

I call it a piece of regurgitated phlegm that I can barely dignify with a classification. The sad part is that I saw the ads for it and thought " Great, an adaptation of a classic story with some decent actors."

Just shoot me, now.

Bad (oh so bad) adaptation of the story.... It's all Americanized, the characters are wooden, the pacing is terrible, it's just a big mess. Victoria Pratt proves once more why she has such a crappy career, she keeps picking bad roles that no decent actress would ever dare take. She probably saw that Rick Shroder and Peter Fonda were in it and it was supposed to be decent.

Yikes! All I know is that if I see the words RHI Weekend Movie again I am changing the channel as fast as I can-- no one deserves this kind of treatment.