Thursday, January 03, 2008

Project Runway - Sweet Challenge

After a good break over the holidays, we finally got back to the Runway and started the year off with a sugar coated challenge. I do like the "make a dress out of unforeseen material" challenges, and a trip to the giant Hershey store in Times Square was new and original as far as locations go (although I loved the supermarket episode in Season 1).

After the mad scramble to gather up materials (Tim chirping " Designers you have 5 minutes..then 3 then 2 was too funny) we have the designers overburdened with as much candy and paraphernalia as you can imagine. Good thing Hershey sells so much plush candy and bags etc as the majority of designers decided to go with material and not candy. They did manage to stuff a ton of candy into their bags as well as things were really animated for the first couple of hours when they all got back to the workroom.

Until the sugar buzz wore off.... and then the tempers came out and they were mostly like petulant children that had spent the day at the Amusement Park and then had to come down and go home.... it was actually quite funny to watch and reminded me of why I don't want children.
Christian zipped through his outfit of Reese's Peanut butter Cup liners, and the Chris was hilarious explaining that he would never work with candy... been there and done that and I would love to see some snaps of some of his drag costumes that he has created before. Drag Queens always have the most fun and over the top outfits and I can only imagine what trouble he has gotten himself into in the past.

For some reason they kept showing crack shots of Sweet P last night, I don't know why we had to get all these looks at her cleavage and then a nice plumber's shot of her ass crack... just weird as far as editing went, but then the editors were all over Jillian and her strife to create a bustier and skirt out of Twizzlers. You kept thinking she would never finish or succeed and she did a great job and I applauded her creativity as she was the only one that made something out of candy... not the wrappers or pillows or anything else. It was very magical. Sweet P on the other hand created not one but 2 monstrosities that got her very close to being eliminated. If Tim Gunn walks up to you and says that your skirt looks like either a coffee filter or a maxi-pad then you know you are in deep doo doo.... I was peeing my pants with laughter after that comment and will find SOME way to work it into my repertoire at some moment.

Ricky did okay...some bubble dress that got him through and no tears! Chris was more muted and less flamboyant and did a very nice tube dress, Kit blurred by and didn't really catch my eye, Kevin did a nice ensemble but didn't have any of the candy elements, Victorya made a hideous dress that I have tried to block out of my memory and Elisa thought her Gretyl inspired ensemble was magical.... and car accidents and brain injuries aside it was not her best work.... it completely lacked magic and wonder which I really thought she would pull off for this challenge and of course it was the final nail in her coffin. No more spit marking or wacky yoga references, but we got a nice alignment to our chakras on her way out, and damn it if she wasn't just so nice about the whole thing... bye groovy girl I'll miss you most of all.
So if you do the math that leaves Ravi, and damn it if he didn't turn out a fantabulous dress that hit all the right buttons with all the judges. Guest judge Zac Posen seemed quite "interested" in Ravi (who was looking very fine last night) and there seemed to be a bit of flirty looks between the 2 of them.... or maybe that was just the buzz off of all that sugar...