Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Top 10 of 2007 - Best in Show

#1 - Lost - Even after 3 seasons, this show has still held me in it's spell and hasn't lost any of it's punch. Lots of mystery, amazing characters and actors and some much that is unexpected. I wait with much anticipation for the next few episodes and quietly curse the writer's strike that is cutting my Lost experience short this year.

#2 - Pushing Daisies - Simply so different and quirky than anything else out there, it had to be near the top of the list for it's sheer genius. This modern fairy tale looks and feels so magical and has such brilliant banter and actors that I am in awe each episode. Bryan Fuller is one of my favorite writers and I am a huge fan of his work.

#3 - Battlestar Galactica - This show has stepped out of the bound of any conventional sci-fi show that is out there, and is simply one of the best written shows on the tube. The reinvention of the series has far exceeded any expectation, and the characters are so complex that I can hardly believe that I am watching a sci-fi show... simply incredible.

#4 - Heroes - The show may have slumped a bit at the beginning of the second season, but managed to come back for a good ending to it's second chapter. The concepts and characters are still interesting, and it appeals to the my inner geek and has even added Kristin Bell to it's roster this year. Good entertaining TV and some very interesting characters, they don't get much more complex than HRG.

#5 - Doctor Who - BBC shows us that TV doesn't have to be written with a conventional happy ending to be a good show. The actors are great, the characters are fascinating, the writing is good and I love the special effects. It's opened up a whole new universe of sci-fi for me and I love the Doctor for it.

#6 - Torchwood - With Captain Jack at the helm, this spin off of Doctor Who is cheekier and sexier than the regular series and just as well written. BBC has managed to make their sci-fi universe infinitely more interesting and real than the regular dribble that we are fed and it doesn't hurt that Captain Jack is damn sexy... and openly gay. This is the kind of stuff that probably makes some American's heads spin....

#7 - Burn Notice - A first person narration about the perils of a spy who was recently given a Burn Notice by the CIA made for a very witty and fun show this past summer. Jeffrey Donovan shone as the spy, and his supporting cast of ex girlfriend and old buddy (with his overbearing mother thrown in for good measure) made for some very funny TV moments. His narration was over the top, and his inventiveness for getting out of a jam was some of the best moments that we have seen since MacGyver.

#8 - Supernatural - The chemistry between the Winchester brothers is great, and they are really one of the best duos on TV at the moment. I love the witty sense of humor, the inside jokes and one liners, and the whole good cop/bad cop vibe that these two have perfected. The stories are solid, the special effects have been great and the boys are so cute how could you not love the show?

#9 - Chuck - One of the few new shows that made it on to the list, Chuck has been a nerd's delight with a great premise and some great actors. Computer downloaded into the brain? Check. Parody of well know tech assistance? Check. Geeky sidekicks in a dead end job? Check. CIA handler that happens to be a real hot chick? Check. Government agent that is the best straight man? Check. Hell there is even a character called Captain Awesome... you can't get much better than that, except each episode is always Chuck versus something, and that in my books is very awesome.

#10 - Bones - This show has the best unrequited chemistry between characters ( Bones and Booth) and also has great supporting characters. The main character is so brilliant yet so not smart about the regular world, the FBI agent is tough yet sexy... there is so much to love in this series and I love the humor. There is not much else out there that makes me snicker as much as this show, and all of the characters are fascinating. Pretty close to the best ensemble cast that I have seen.