Wednesday, January 09, 2008

American Gladiators - Spandex Alert!

After more than a decade of absence, Gladiators has returned and I for one am a very happy camper. Not only do we get the return of some very big boys and girls strutting and flaunting all that muscle (grrr) but we get all the requisite bad names and equally bad attitudes.

I am not sure how it works in the tryouts, but probably you have to show up, be over 6 feet and 200 lbs (for the men) or be buffed and have a huge rack (for the women). If you have a real cheesy name (like say... Wolf....) and something that sets you apart from the others you might have a chance of being selected.

The competitions are similar to the original series and the new hosts are okay.... Hulk Hogan hasn't really been doing it for me so far but am willing to give him a try (I thought it was more brilliant having a sportscaster being the MC like in the original but this is another century...) and Layla Ali is growing on me more and more each episode. We have already seen 3, and my favorite Gladiators so far are Militia (oh my god) and Hellga (that's a lot of woman). I haven't seen codpieces this interesting since that terrible Batman & Robin film, but it's fun to see amateur athletes go head to head against these beasts. I just wonder why the contestants have to wear so much protective equipment and the Gladiators seem to be content in their spandex... not that I am complaining...