Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stargate Atlantis - Quarantine

Talk about a non-episode for the most part. Nothing really happened... sure the city was in lock down mode due to system glitches, but except for some sexual tension between Ronan and Doctor What's-her-face (the one that used to be the Engineer on Firefly), not much of significance really happened... or did it?

Here is what I got out of this episode :
Teyla is suddenly so pregnant she looks like she is ready to burst and we get the cutesy moment with baby kicking. At this rate she'll be ready to pop within a couple of episodes so we probably won't see her around for a bit.

The whole lock down sequence and everyone being in pairs was a tad cheap, and then adding the repeating dialogue between our various duos just seemed lazy.

Sexual tension between Ronan and Dr.Keller = good.
Zelenka getting all worked up over Carter = creepy.

Atlantis has really crappy windows that break surprisingly easy considering the city is adapted for being underwater and in outer space.

WTF? - The whole storyline with Rodney wanting to propose and the fake flu and all the drama was far from making the character more endearing.... just shoot him now and get it over with. Don't get me started on that cheap ass ring ... no big rock there Rodney and that probably won't impress the Botanist.

I know... I was happy for a couple of episodes this season but this one left me feeling all empty inside again... hopefully things improve in the next couple of weeks....